There is so much good that a provider can do when they are not held back by the infinite problems that exist within their medical practice. From people to systems, from finances to operations, owners of medical practices face far too many issues and have far too little support to take them on.

MedMan provides that support so that providers can engage in the business of their practice but do so in the right way and on the right stuff.

We support independent medical practices by:

  • Regular assessments that shed light on the major issues of the practice so that energy can be spent on the things that will have the most impact to the practice
  • Strategic planning that keeps the practice focused on the big picture and the operational pathway to achieve it
  • Placement, oversight, and elevation of a practice leader who can execute on the strategic plan and ongoing improvements of the practice, all with the support of the entire MedMan network

It is rare that the value of a provider’s work inside a practice is fully recognized financially. Far more often, practices are plagued by staff turmoil, coding misfires, breaks in the revenue cycle, and a slew of other major issues.

MedMan is not just another outsourced option for billing. Yes, that’s what we do absolutely. How it’s different lies in the fact that we are a practice management company first. We view billing through the comprehensive lens of how the practice needs to run.

We support independent medical practices by:

  • Acting as an extension of the practice’s team, not as an outside entity only interested in its own issues and success as a billing department
  • Educating and coaching providers as they seek to code appropriately for the work they truly perform
  • Providing monthly insight into the performance of the revenue cycle as a whole

Provider owners must constantly make important business decisions on behalf of their practices. Quite often they are doing their best despite not having some of the most essential information in front of them. Business financials are a struggle for most independent medical practices. The data is questionable, the organization of the information isn’t helpful, and it is rare that the information is provided in time to help the decision-making process.

MedMan, through expertise, systems and processes, provides business owners and managers with financial intelligence that is accurate, organized, and timely. Although simple sounding, the impact of this information on the decision making of the practice can be incredible.

We support independent medical practices by:

  • Creating effective and efficient workflows that speed up the reporting process and while maintaining accuracy
  • Providing education and resources to help everyone on the team better understand the financials
  • Creating tools to help predict where the practice is heading in the future

As providers dream of a better way to do what they love, MedMan is there to help make it possible. From the first brainstorming of what the right practice might look like to well beyond a successful opening, we’re here to help create a new setting in which a provider can thrive.

We support independent medical practices by:

  • Laying out the financial path of feasibility
  • Providing the project management systems and labor to keep all aspects of the startup progressing
  • Bringing to the table the shared knowledge and expertise of our entire network to make each step of the process more aligned with a successful future