Be free to focus on your patients.

We’ll manage the rest.




Be free to focus on your patients.

We’ll manage the rest.





Do business pains make it hard to enjoy your medical practice?

  • Do you have to spend more time with paperwork than patients?

  • Is your practice unprofitable?

  • Is it hard to keep staff and providers?

  • Do you struggle to take home enough income?

  • Is your team not performing as they should?
  • Have you lost satisfaction in your work?

You started a medical practice to improve the health of your community.
How much longer can you afford to let business problems threaten that mission?

Imagine not having to worry about business problems.

With MedMan ensuring the business is running smoothly, you’ll be free to build the life and practice you love.

Have More Time

Offload business problems into expert hands so you can give time back to your patients, your family and yourself.

Have More Income

Plug the efficiency gaps draining profitability so you can finally pay yourself what you deserve.

Have More Satisfaction

Be free to focus on what matters most so you can arrive at your practice excited and leave energized.

Have More Impact

Eliminate drama and distractions so you can devote yourself to making a real difference in the health of your community.

Your calling shouldn’t feel like a cage.

You became a provider to care for patients, not solve business problems. But if the business doesn’t work, neither can your practice. So you feel trapped in a life you didn’t choose.

At MedMan, we believe providers like you should be free to focus on patients.

That’s why we’ve been making the business of medical practices work for providers––not against them––for more than 45 years. 

Why MedMan?

  • 45+ years experience creating incredible medical practices.

  • Benefit from 500+ combined years of practice management experience, not just one manager.

  • Clients join and learn from our network of independent medical practices.

  • Access to resources to optimize your practice and train your staff.

MedMan is the perfect partner for independent medical groups of all shapes and sizes. They provide the networking advantages of large hospital systems without the overbearing intrusion from bloated, ill-informed, off-sight middle management. At the same time, they offer targeted, tactical expertise on topics such as finance and HR when chosen and requested by busy clinician clients.

Brian Crownover, MD
Managing Partner, Treasure Valley Family Medicine
Meridian, Idaho

My colleague and I have worked with MedMan for four years.  They have been with us every step of the way from starting a brand new practice to managing the ongoing day-to-day needs to helping us plan for the future.  I thank my partner regularly for arranging the meet and greet breakfast with MedMan when we set out to open our practice.

Steve Smith, MD
Thrive Pediatrics
Meridian, ID

Ready to be free to focus on your patients?

Take these steps:

Step 1

Schedule a Call

Set up a conversation to talk with one of our experts.

Step 2

Free Yourself

We’ll provide clarity for you and relieve the pains of your business.

Step 3

Love Your Practice

Finally get back to doing what you got into healthcare to do.

Optimize the practice on your terms

From targeted to comprehensive assistance, get the help that works for you.

Practice Management

Comprehensive support including:

• Placement of a professional administrator into your practice
• Execution of your strategic plan
• Support through MedMan’s network of our team of administrators and experts

Revenue Cycle Management

Strategic support including:

• Execute the billing functions of the practice
Educate and coach providers around coding strategies
Demonstrate monthly performance

Finance & Accounting

Support including:

• Apply discipline to financial processes
Provide financial statements that are helpful, timely, and accurate
Educate key team members to make financially-informed decisions

New Practice Startup

Comprehensive support including:

  • Lay out the path to financial feasibility
  • Provide Project management
  • Share knowledge and expertise

MedMan Clients Include:


What does it look like to have MedMan manage my practice?2023-07-12T22:16:35+00:00

MedMan uses its proven process of Assess – Plan – Execute to help a practice achieve its potential. We regularly assess different aspects of the practice to ensure balanced improvement is happening throughout the practice. We work with each group to keep the big picture in focus and create the operational plan to achieve it. We work with the practice to execute on its strategic plan, quite often by providing the practice leader who can help make it all happen.

How would MedMan handle doing the billing for our practice?2023-07-12T22:17:11+00:00

MedMan acts as an extension of the practice’s team, not an outside entity only interested in its own issues and successes as a billing company. We can adapt to the needs of the practice and either supplement what good already exists within the clinic or we can handle taking over the full billing function. We provide monthly accounting for our work and performance to ensure that the team as a whole is on the same page and can see progress.

How much would I expect to pay MedMan for any of its services?2023-07-12T22:17:59+00:00

While pricing varies quite a bit, it mostly depends on three things:

  • the service we would be providing
  • the complexity of the practice
  • the cost it would take to do the work.

MedMan has the ability and willingness to provide different types of pricing. For MSO services, we typically use a percentage rate of collections, tying the fee directly to the work and performance of the team. For stand alone management or consulting services, it’s common that we use a flat fee agreed to by both parties.

What specialties does MedMan work with?2023-07-12T22:18:17+00:00

We look for specialties and groups that would contribute to the network of all the other clinics. This means we focus on medical groups that have a physical location and an internal clinic team.

Our largest subset of practices are primary care focused; family practice, internal medicine and pediatrics. We also have a variety of practices in ENT, orthopedics, OBGYN, mental health, oral surgery, as well as a handful of others.

We have found that the variety of specialties in our network has led to better collaboration and the spread of more diverse ideas than if we perhaps only had one or two types of medical specialities.

Where does MedMan do its work?2023-07-12T22:18:31+00:00

We are primarily in the western part of the United States, however, we have the ability to work throughout the rest of the country.

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