Team MedMan Through the Years!

Confident Humility

Confidence without arrogance. Self-effacing while still projecting strength and competence. Possess modesty and gratitude at all times.


Serve the greater good.

Intellectual Curiosity

Ask why. Be interested. Participate. Create. Don’t ever settle in the belief that you have it all figured out—always be looking forward to what is next. 


We improve each other’s performance through aggressive information transfer.  Proactive sharing of information with no worry about who gets the credit. Attempt to make others look good. 


The combination of hard work, tenacity and sticktoitiveness. Persistent determination.


An attitude of always seeing the potential and good around us.  Be the one to bring the energy up.


Founded by Jim Trounson in 1977, MedMan’s business model was built on Jim’s experience with outsourcing management companies that were improving the efficiency of hospitals by centralizing and computerizing many  of their management functions.

Jim quickly saw how these techniques could be applied to the growing sector of outpatient medicine. Thus, MedMan came into being as the nation’s first physician practice management company (PPMC). 

In the over 45 years since our founding, Jim and then in 2018, the group of employees that purchased the company from Jim and the incredible MedMan team have established an amazingly focused, loyal and transparent culture at MedMan. The intensity of our focus is demonstrated by the conviction that if a management decision or strategy does not bring us closer to our goal of creating incredible clinics, we simply do not act on it.