To ensure appropriate financial controls, the signer of checks should review all supporting documentation for a check request prior to signing. This practice creates accountability, reduces fraud, and discourages dishonesty and overspending.
Guidelines and practices for check signing should include:
  • Limit individuals authorized to sign checks: Set limits for how much an individual can sign for. Larger amounts require higher level signature, or you could have a policy requiring more signatures, i.e. “after $xxx, 2 signatures”.
  • Use a check request from, sample below, for all checks: Review supporting documents for check requests. Documents should be original copies to avoid double submission, mark supporting documents as paid when check is issued and ensure memo has detail information about purpose of check.
  • Signer should review each check number sequence.
  • Blank checks should be locked up, and periodically checked for number sequence.
  • Checks can only be sent via mail from the office or through another secure platform.
  • Create a list of sufficient documentation needed when submitting a check for signature.

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